'Her dark eyes multiply the distant moon’

From the collection 'Dark Tales' inspired by the story of a female Samurai warrior. The bracelet has a 3D structured look to represent armour, and will add a razor-sharp finish to your outfit.

Beaded and hand-finished bracelet with rhodium plated diamond-tag beads and hematine cubes on high-quality plastic-coated stainless steel wire.

This bracelet sits approx 1.4cm away from the wrist, creating a dramatic fan-like effect.

Inside circumference: 17.5cm / 7in (approx.)
Diamond-tag size: 1.4cm x 1.4cm / 0.6in x 0.6in
Hematine cube size: 4mm x 4mm

  • Shipping to: Europe, Rest of the world, United Kingdom